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Star & Bar Rating - Initial Content


I’d like to be able to use your star and bar ratings to not only receive inputs from my users, but also to display inputs. For example, on a Yelp like page, if someone gives a restaurant a 5 star review, I want to use your same star rating plugin to display on the restaurant page that 5 star rating.

Is there a way to select “initial content” for your bar ratings and disable it as an input?


Hi Matthew,
sorry for such a late reply - for some reason i missed this post.
You can use this plugin to show the rating for a specific listing from the database, in order to do that you will need to use the “auto-binding” option - in that case the plugin will just use the referenced field from the parent group’s data. For example if you put it in a group which has a data source “listing” and the listing type has a field “average rating” you can choose that field to be shown for the auto-binding option. We don’t have the option to disable the input, we can implement that but the easiest workaround would be to simply put a fully transparent shape on top of the input element so that the input is not clickable.
Hope this helps,
Please let me know if you have other questions

Levon Terteryan
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No problem! That worked, thank you!

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