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Star & Bar Rating Not Working

Good Afternoon,

The star and bar rating doesn’t seem to be working. I have switched the style multiple times, but nothing changes in regards to styling. It ends up just being a dropdown.


Hey @josh3, which Browser an OS are you using.
I double-checked it and it works fine for my side.
So on please provide me more info about this issue.

Thank you.

I just tested in Safari and Chrome Version 77.0.3865.90. I am utilizing it a pop-up group. It appears that it does work on a standard screen. However, it won’t work in the pop-up.

The pop-up group is really where I need to use it since I am planning to use it for a form.

Hey @josh3, Thank you for the description, we found a bug and we will check how we can proceed with it.

So I will be back to you ASAP of a matter.

Thank you,

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Nice @Nikita.S! Thanks.


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Hello @josh3

Sorry for little to know updates, here. However we’re still working on patch for plugin.
Will provide an update asap.
Thanks for patience and understanding.


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Hi @josh3

Thanks for patience. We pushed the update, please upgrade to latest version of plugin and give it a try.