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Steam plugin - still wait for an announced feature

Hello guys!
I’m using this Steam plugin from you:

And you mentioned “openID coming soon”
I’ve been waiting for this feature for a long time and I just wondering if you had some updates about it?

As you can see on the bubble forum searching “steam login”, a lot of us need this feature.

Thanks for your good work!!

Any news on this @zeroqode @levon @alexandru.rusnac @kate ?

Hi @vnihoul77,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we do not have updates in regards to OpenID feature yet, as we are fully loaded with client projects and maintaining other internal products, but this plugin is a free one so you should be able to fork it and customize, thus, adding the OpenID feature if this is urgent to you.

However, we have collected your feedback and will look into near future possibilities of adding this feature.

Thanks for understanding.


Ok thank you for your answer.
Can you please just remove the “coming soon” mention on the plugin page?
I talked with a lot of people confused by this mention who actually wait for the feature …


Thanks @vnihoul77 for feedback.

We’ll certainly take action so we don’t confuse our customers at this point. :pray: