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Stirpe Connect on your food delivery app



After my on boarding with Stripe to get my Stripe Connect account going, I realized that Express accounts with Stripe Connect can be created only for individuals and businesses in the U.S. and Canada.
But I am also dealing with Individuals and accounts outside the US and Canada. So it’s a bummer.
For that, would you be kind as to give us the choice to pick between Stripe and Stripe Connect on all your apps where Stripe Connect is the only payment platform? Having already purchased the app, would you please help and advise how to change it to basic Stripe?

Also, I realized that the phone number field is set to US Number only. But you guys as well as your clients cater to markets outside the US. Wouldn’t it make sense to incorporate all countries so that it is less burden on our end, us newbies to bubble? Because, even after I subscribed to your unlimited plan for courses and having taken 2 already, I still think it’s not easy like pie to get accustomed to bubble’s platform.
So, this a friendly cry for a gentle help from you wonderful Zeroqode people :wink:



Hello @omzen

Thanks for feedback.

The Stripe plugin in Food Delivery app does not use the Stripe Connect platform since it does not have the respective call to make for platform fee.
For most templates we use Stripe plugin, some come with Stripe.js and additional calls via API Connector which are required for design.

The US number was used as formatting method of choice for the chosen design. I understand that other markets could you use the template and will require customization, but at the time of creating it, that was the primary choice to go with.
This could be changed to one’s needs.

Thanks for understanding.



Hi @Dumitru,

Thx for the reply.
Is there any plugin you would recommend that will allow users to select a country code?
As for stripe, I am still trying to figure things out.
Will revert if need be.



Hello @omzen

Sorry for late reply here, you could try out the Number Input Formatting plugin : https://zeroqode.com/plugin/phone-number-with-formatting-1526647188215x414953185458782200
which is an input field designed specifically for phone numbers.
There is a state which will provide the value of the inputted number during signup , to be used during the Call Customer action.
hope this helps.