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Streamy direct album play

Im wondering if theres a workflow to create a button to play specifically an album, based in its UNIQUE ID

i mean, a direct link to a specific album, not using the repeating group workflow


Hi @jeronimosada,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m afraid there is not workflow to create a button, but if you want to play the whole album, you can use the Audio List feature of the plugin which Streamy tempalte is using:

And it will play the whole list of the RepeatingGroup.



Is it possible change the maximum upload file size?

ie. instead of 4mins songs, I would like to upload 60mins podcasts

Hi, @anwaa!

Thanks for reaching out!

Currently, the plugin doesn’t have any restrictions regarding the size limit, so I believe it could be possible to upload 60mins podcasts. Anyway, you can try this on the Live Demo page.

Hope this helps!
Best, Julia.