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Strip Marketplace Express Error - "parameter_invalid_integer"


I"m building a marketplace with sellers and buyers. When buyers select a service to buy I want to authorize the payment, but wait for the charge to occur until the seller accepts the job.

I’ve set up a seller account and a customer account with three saved payment sources. All of that is showing up in my platform’s Stripe dashboard. The problem I’m hitting is in trying to actually authorize the charge.

When the customer tries to purchase the service I use the Stripe Marketplace - Link a Customer to a Seller action as shown below:

Using the ID of the above action as the token, I deploy the Stripe Marketplace - Seller Charge a Customer action as set up below:

The math involved in the amount that will be charged to the buyer is because all processing fees are passed onto the customer under our revenue model. I have tried to set this up several different ways and keep getting the below error:

To get out ahead of a few anticipated issues that will be suggested, these are screenshots of how the inputs referenced are set up. I have also tried them with the data type as “integer” as opposed to “decimal” and I get the same error:

The relevant part of the error seems to be that there is an issue with the format of the amount charged to the customer.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi @eli.marchbanks,

Thanks for reaching out and using our products. Unfortunately, this issue is not reproducing on our side. It has to be just the calculations that cause this trouble. Could you please check on your Logs in Stripe dashboard, and make sure to clear the Filter when you check on this error.

You can simply use the Integer for your inputs, but it is important to understand that Bubble is not that good with BEDMAS, so it is best to do your calculations separately, then simply apply the resulted sum into Amount field. The same thing applies to App fee. It is best to do so, because you might obtain unexpected results even though the calculations seem to be ok.

For App fee, the value has to be a whole number, without any decimals. For Amount, it has to be a maximum of 2 digits as decimals, because Stripe cannot accept values like 10.1000000001 but only 10.11.

Hope it helps.