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Stripe configuration issue (initialize call) - Contractor Template


I’m encountering difficulties to finalize the configuration of Stripe for the template called “Contractor Services Like Thumbtack”.

I have already changed the keys of the following plugins as explained in your documentation: API Connector, Stripe.Js and Stripe - Get Data. The webhook on my Stripe platform is also operational.

My problem concerns the API Connector “Stripe CUSTOM”. In order to be able to use the different API calls, Bubble forces us to successfully initialize a call before we can find it in the “Workflows” tab.

Here is the list of unsuccessful API calls with my configuration and the error messages when I try to intialize a call:

1. Refund a charge

2. Get bank account

3. Stripe connect standard account

4. Create file for upload

5. Stripe seller create charge

When I set another Stripe account:

As you can see, sometimes the value does not exist, sometimes the value is empty. How can I change that in order to initialize these calls successfully?

Thank you in advance for your help! :slight_smile:

Hello @florent

Thanks for reaching out! Not sure why Bubble forces to do this, however it shouldn’t because simply by Copy/Paste - ing every call action from API Connector from one app to another will let you use the action in workflows, under Plugins . As you can see below, there wasn’t a initialization for that matter.

Step One - Copy API Connection from one app:

Step Two - Paste API connection to another app:

The API Connector actions are present in workflows:

Looking at the parameters and error you’re getting, there is a missing value for grant_type field.

Here is the same kind of error, of missing value under purpose field which should not be empty.

As for headers value fields, there should be the connected account’s ID, and this accounts should be connected to platform.

I believe there were changes made on both sides which seems to broke calls.

As an alternative, I could recommend you take a look at Stripe Plugin

which was created from these needs of a custom solution, which has all the necessary actions and more related to the template.
Hope this helps.



Thanks a lot, the copy-past technique worked as expected! Actually, I didn’t know that it was a possible option to copy an API call this way.

Thanks again for your help @Dumitru :slight_smile:

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Hi @florent
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Thanks! :pray: