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Stripe in Test Mode - Error message

We are in test mode using a Zeroqode “Classes” marketplace template. We are able to connect Stripe account for “teacher” but when we go to pay as a “student” using a fake credit card to test the template, teacher gets email saying “You are trying to sell something but are not registered…please go to link to register.” We believe everything is set correctly. Is this only because we are in test mode?? Thanks.

Prezzel Team

This message appears when you try to pay to teacher, while teacher isn’t registered as the seller. Please check the logic, that connects the teacher and register him as a seller (usually it is applied right after registration, but can be applied on the first visit of profile page, or anywhere else). Please let me know, if the problem was with the teacher account, or we should look deeper into your case.

Zeroqode Team.