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Stripe marketplace - Capture a payment intent

I’ve been using this to allow the seller to update the final service price as doing a hold on the first part of the sale… But as we take a cut, this isn’t changing when we do this.

eg sale is $40 and we get $8 . Price is changed to $20, but what we get stays as $8.

Showuld allow the updating of the split

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Hi, @peter3!

Thanks for reaching out and your feedback!

Yes, that’s correct, currently, the plugin doesn’t allow the updating of the split. Apologies for the inconvenience. We have taken into consideration your feedback regarding adding this possibility in the future updates. I’ll get back to as soon as I have the relevant info. Thanks.

Best, Julia.

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Thanks, will build my own action for that in my backend.


Hi @peter3,

I’m reaching to notify that we’ve improved our plugin. Now, you can change the app fee when the price is changed during the ‘Capture payment intent’ action.


  • retrieve invoices
  • invoices retrieval for subscriptions
  • set the App Fee to 0 for ‘Create a session’ action, or leave this field empty so that you don’t charge a fee if choose not to

To try the new improvements, please upgrade the plugin to the latest version, refresh your app and give it a try again.


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@peter3 and @alexander Hello, I am a business owner who has hired a someone to help me with bubble dev process. The payment process/option that you have described fits my business perfectly. i have the “eaty/uber eats” template that includes Stripe plugin, but I want my payout/transaction amounts to have the ability to be updated by the seller/business/restaurant just like how you described. I was wondering if you could share screenshots and/or explanations of the workflow(s) and/or stripe instructions to show my bubble dev how to implement this into my app. This would be greatly appreciated as this is the one thing we are having trouble with.

sn: is the stripe plugin different from stripe marketplace plugin? I was checking the stripe website and i am confused as to whether i need stripe vs stripe express. stripe express says its for marketplaces similar to my Eaty/ubereats template, but it also looks like the standard stripe account can be used similarly for my web app as well.

Hi @keonn96,

Thanks for reaching out. Please let us check on our plugin with developer team and get back to you asap!


Hi @keonn96,

So you are really able to use the Bubble’s embedded Stripe plugin which is quite good for such platforms as Eaty template to accomplish your needs, but if you’d like to have a more custom experience you can always switch to our plugin instead.

Hope it helps. :pray: