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Stripe Marketplace Express bug - hardcoded acct id?

Hi guys,
I posted this across on the bubble forum too, but thought it may get handled a little quicker here: https://forum.bubble.io/t/stripe-marketplace-express-checkout-new-plugin-from-zeroqode/76596/61?u=mattb

Since updating to the latest version (1.10.0), I’m getting an account access issue. The account (acct_…) shown in the screenshot below does not appear as any of the accounts I’ve added to my Stripe dashboard.

I’ve checked Stripe Connect API keys and access - nothng has been revoked. This leads me to the conclusion that the acct_1Fz… id is being pulled directly from the plugin somewhere, rather from the bank account token creation. Is there a chance you may have a leftover hard-coded acct id?


Hello @matt,

Unfortunately, yes the acct id is hardcoded in the plugin. We will fix that issue and update the plugin. I will let you know when the updated version will be published.

Meantime you can change the value in the Account ID field and make it Dynamic. Here you can find it:

Best Regards,

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Hi Alex, I’m not really sure that’s an option in my current circumstance. I have the seller and customer id’s saved to a dataset (seller = user, customer = company), and the cards and bank accounts are linked to those datasets respectively (cards to customers, bank accounts to sellers).

If I start playing around with the API in that way it’s going to get tricky. The reason behind this is because I’m currently using a reusable element in a repeating group. The repeating group is taking the RG’s data and then displaying in a popup (inside the reusable element).

Could you please share some screenshots and maybe some additional details, just to make everything clear? I am afraid I don’t get why in your case is not possible to use dynamic data in the field Account ID.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Hi Alex,
As I’m still building the app it may be more prudent to wait until that bug is fixed (rather than changing things now, and having to change them to a more streamlined approach later). Do you have an ETA when that might happen?

Ok, sure!

I cannot provide you exact timings but our team will do its best to provide the update ASAP.

Hello @matt,

The issue with the hardcoded IDs was solved. Please update the plugin to the latest version to have access to the latest fixes.

Best Regards,