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Stripe Marketplace Express Plugin - Bubble.io


I am using the Stripe Marketplace Express Plugin for my Bubble.io application. I created two Stripe accounts and initialized Stripe Connect on both. In the plugin settings I added all the keys and the client ID for the first Stripe account.

My goal is to connect the second stripe account to the first stripe account. Below, I added the steps:

This is the error I am getting:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @tylerwjones99, thanks for your question.

The workflows seem to be done right, but it is not clear how the authorization code is received, as it is not created on your platform. Please connect your second account and check once again.

I would appreciate if you can make a screencast of the workflow setup and use case flow, and share it here on DM. That will allow identifying any issue much faster.

Looking forward to your reply.