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Stripe Marketplace Express Plugin - "Go to checkout issue"

Hello everybody,

I am building a marketplace platform and I have an issue with the “Go to checkout” action call. On the “Buy” button of my website, I created the following workflow :

However, when I enter a value in the “Seller ID” input from the “Go to checkout” action call and that I try my app, I get this message when my app tries to open the Stripe checkout page :
Capture d’écran 2021-03-21 à 23.36.14

I checked the keys and everything is fine. When I let the “Seller ID” input empty (only from the “Go to checkout” action call, not the one from the “Create a session”), the checkout works fine on my app but it won’t considerer the app fee that I wan’t to collect.

Stripe gives me the entire paid amount instead of giving a part of it to the seller’s Connected Account. (I can see it because the balance of the seller’s Connected Account remains at 0.00€ on Stripe.)

Does anybody have an idea about the source of this issue ?

Thank you very much for your help !

Hello, @hardyzpower
Thanks for reaching us.

First of all, allow me to note that in the “Create a session” action there are many fields, which interact with each other and can cancel out some of these fields.

Thus, please provide us the screenshots of your current settings for the “Create a session” action and for each next action in your Workflow, so we will be able to investigate this issue.


Hello @Ecaterina

Thank you for your answer. Here are screenshots for each actions of the workflow. “Shoot” equals to a product, and “Photographe” equals to the seller of the product (= the Stripe connected account).


Hello, @hardyzpower
Thank you for provided screenshots.

Please allow me to recommend you these settings in order to fix the issue you faced with.
To use checkout for sending details about a product including name, description, the price that a customer can pay for but the receiver is a connected account, please Create a Session as shown on our Live Demo Page of the Stripe Marketplace Express Plugin ( Payment #4)

Please find on my screenshots:

Price ID and Product ID fields work only with the platform, not the server. Thus, you need to leave these fields blank.

Please make all necessary changes and let me know if the issue is solved.


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Thank you very much for your help @Ecaterina ! I did as you suggested and everything works perfectly now.

Just to be sure to understand, in which type of scenario should we fill the Price ID and Product ID fields ?


Happy to hear that all is working now.

Allow me to mention that in your case, you do not necessarily need to fill in these fields.

The Product ID is a product from the product strap, and the Price ID is its price (a product can have more than one price).

For example, in the case of subscription mode, you need to specify a Price ID so that the plugin could understand which plan the user subscribes to.

In the case of payment mode, these fields are used only if the products are in Stripe, and not in your database.

If they are in your database, the Price ID is left blank and you need to fill in the name, description, price, etc. separately.

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Can I ask a question on the Stripe Marketplace Express Plugin. I am based in the UK and want to use the tool however wanted to clarify whether the onboarding requirements for sellers can be customised easily with the plugin. For example on the demo there is reference to social security number and routing number which we do not have in the UK. Is this something that is fixed with the plugin or can be changed?

Hello, @goalgetters69
Thanks for your question.

We confirm that you can change the usage of some details in the Stripe Marketplace Express plugin.

This plugin was created with the recognition that in some regions, where a Stripe payment system is available, some data is simply not available to users (e.g social security number and routing number).

Also, you can simply delete some fields from Creating Account Form. However, do not forget to remove the deleted field from other fields where this value may be required. Please find my screenshot:

In case you would be interested to know more about this plugin, make sure that you have checked the plugin documentation investigate the structure and main features of the current plugin set up:


You can find information on how to integrate the Stripe in the Stripe Payments & Shopping Cart Checkout Course:

Please check this documentation to investigate instruction connecting Stripe to Bubble application:


Hope my answer helps you.