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Stripe marketplace express plugin issue

We purchased the Stripe marketplace express plugin.
and what we want to implement is, before paying to the host from the platform(us), we would like to hold the payment until the guest will confirm. once the guest clicks the confirmation, we would like to transfer the money to the host account. It’s like an escrow. is it possible with that plugin? or it seems that we need to use “separate charges and transfers” but can we use it with this plugin?

I hope someone can help me how to do it. thank you in advance!

Hello, @yukiwakiyama417
Thanks for purchasing our plugin.

The functionality you requested is already built into our plugin. You can make the payment and confirm it within 7 days.
In the plugin, you can pay the seller directly via the " Seller charges a customer" action.

Thus, you do not need to use “separate charges and transfers”.

In case you would be interested to know more about this plugin, make sure that you have checked the plugin documentation to investigate the structure and main features of the current plugin set up:

Also, please check this documentation to investigate instruction connecting Stripe to Bubble application:

Hope my answer helps you.

Thank you for your reply.
As for 7 days “escrow”, is it using authorization and capture? we didn’t make the payment yet until then, and after 7 days, we will process the payment automatically?

Also, is it possible to hold more than 7 days, like 30days? if we want, we need to use “separate charges and transfers”?


No, the payment is not made automatically. For a period of 7 days, the “Seller charges a customer (capture false)” is used. After it " Capture a payment" within 7 days can be used.

Yes, it is possible, but you don’t need to use “separate charges and transfers”.

In this case, you need to create “Platform charges a customer” , and at the moment the payment can already be made, you need to create “Create a transfer”.

Please analyze the plugin documentation to review all functions and possibilities of this product, especially the Plugin calls & elements section: https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/stripe-marketplace-express-plugin#plugin-calls-and-elements

Also, allow me to advise you to check the Demo Page to test the functionality/design: https://zeroqode-demo-19.bubbleapps.io/stripe_extendend_demo


thank you so much! we will try to implement it and let you know if we encounter the issue…


Hi @Ecaterina
thanks to your help, i could almost implement the Stripe plugin.

But i encounter the issue, when i create the refund logic. When i try to refund, the below error appears.
Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 18.47.04 Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 18.47.10

The current implementation for refund is below.

And the current implementation for “charge” is below. it works fine and we, platform could receive the payment successfully.

What is the issue of the refund?

thank you in advance!

Also, another question is, every time they payout to their bank account, can we charge some amount to them, for the bank transfer fee?

Hello, @yukiwakiyama417
Thanks for reaching out.

Despite the correct settings, we think that some parameter has not been taken into account.

In order to help you, please provide us with screenshots from the debugger console for this Event:

Also, please analyze the Stripe Dashboard (Logs section), because there is a possibility to find the reason for your issue.

Unfortunately, you can’t charge money from users, when they recharge their account.

Hope it will help you.
Best regards,

Hi @Ecaterina

Thank you for your help! we could fix it by checking “step by step”

I encounter another issue. like the below section of your demo page, we add the credit card form.

if we input the correct or test credit card, it works.
But if we input the wrong credit card information, it doesn’t return any error code, so we cannot show any error popup or what input is wrong. How can we show at least error popup to show they encounter the error and if possible, what is the exact error?

Hello, @yukiwakiyama417
Glad to hear that it works for you.

In case you want to show the PopUp with any error-text to your user, you need to create the PopUp first. Please note that you need to create this PopUp by yourself.

After it, you can add to your workflow a new action, namely “Do when a stripe token error” and the next step is “Show Popup Notification”:


Hope it will help you.
Best regards,

Hi @Ecaterina

Thank you so much for the quick response!
So it means we cannot specify what was the exact error? and we can only show the general error popup?


Can i ask another two questions? :bowing_man:

  1. When we refund, we would like to deduct only the credit card fee(3.6%).
    if so, should we make “refund_application fee” true? and where can we set the application fee?

  2. when we transfer the amount, we would like to deduct the platform fee(7%). how can we set the deduction with secure way? (so far, we create the input element on the page, which has the price*93%. but since it’s frontend, i think it’s risky.)

I really love the plugin and we are almost there… thank you so much!

Hello, @yukiwakiyama417

As for PopUp notifications, you can create and generate Workflow for any type of error with corresponding PopUp notification.

  • so, the refund_application as you can see, is refunding the App Fee. However, the App Fee is set when charging for a product happens, when a customer is paying the seller/platform:

    Also, you can deduct the credit card fee in the amount field ( you can calculate it in this action).

Firstly, this action is completely safe and there are no risks. You charge the buyer the full 100% of the amount, and when a transfer is made to a third party, you are charged 93% of that amount, depending on the fee.

If you like our plugin, could you please rate it by going to the Plugins tab in Bubble editor? You can find the plugin by name and give it as many stars as it deserves:smiley:|22pxx22px

The more feedback we get, the more motivated we to build great plugins :smiley:|22pxx22px


Hi @Ecaterina

I just write a review!

i just have one more question.
When we connect express account, can’t we send more data, like name, address, postal code etc…
so that users don’t need to input twice.
Or is there any way for us to get the date they registered on Stripe to our database.

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Hello, @yukiwakiyama417
Thank you for your review and feedback!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to bypass these two separate steps.

The user will need to register their express account separately on the Stripe platform and fill in all necessary information on your platform. There is no other way to receive information about users to you.

Best regards,

Hi @Ecaterina

thank you for the info!

When we create the express account, the payout schedule automatically becomes weekly Friday. how can we change it?

Hello, @yukiwakiyama417
Thanks for the question.

The only chance to change the payout schedule for an express account is to update this information in Stripe Dashboard.

Here users can update their accounts, view payments, and payouts.

Best regards,


Thank you for the answer.

As for changing the payout schedule of connected account, i also checked with Stripe CS, but it’s not possible to change it on the dashboard and we need to set by API. can i ask where is it set so far? and is it possible for us to change?

Also, as you recommended, we are using “Platform charges a customer” first, to escrow like 30 days.
but does it mean we are using Stripe payment, instead of Stripe connect?

Hello, @yukiwakiyama417

Unfortunately, you need to create a payout schedule for your application by yourself, using these links:


So, you can use both methods. It only depends on the participation of a third party in the payment process.
In case if you create “Platform charges a customer”, the platform will transfer the payment to the third party.
“Stripe connect” means that you directly pay to the seller, not through the platform.

Hope my answer was useful for you.