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Stripe Marketplace - How to create an off session payment intent for a connected account?

I’ve been running in circles and I hope someone can help me understand if this is possible!

I have a digital marketplace, the flow I’m trying to accomplish is:

  1. User adds a payment method using Paymentintents API
  2. User can create an offsession PaymentIntent and
  3. Payment will go to connected account and app will receive a fee

How this works in the plugin demo: https://www.loom.com/share/46f37e0fff444a2fb9ad116562ac1eaa

It works if I don’t specify the Stripe header, but in this case I would like to provide one but I receive this error.

I was trying to go the SCA route which was working, however I ran into an issue where the user will receive the digital download even if the user doesn’t complete payment on the SCA page because it was all happening in the same workflow. I also can’t direct the user back to the page and provide the download that references the purchase from the repeating group item as an alternative solution.

If I can set up the flow described above, I’m hoping I can:

  1. Have user add the payment
  2. User can create an offsession payment
  3. Pay the connected account and platform receives fee
  4. Provide download/create transaction record only if payment is successful

I was reading this thread Stripe Marketplace Plugin - Destination Charges. It seems to apply here but I’m not sure of how to go about setting up the 2 step process if I will need to accept full payment first, and transfer after.

Thanks for any help, this is the last piece to my puzzle which I can hopefully figure out! I really appreciate anyones insight or suggested workarounds :).

Hi @keishasthomas,

Thanks for reaching out. Let me try to help you here.

Firstly, it is important to note that if you want to pay the connected account, you need your customer/payment source to exist in that connected Stripe account. For this, either you create it in that account, or you clone the payment method and clone all the existent data on the platform in your connected account’s account.

You can check this doc section.

Hope it helps.


Thanks for your response and I hope you’re having a good new year so far!

I’ve added the clone payment to the workflow. When I go into Stripe the payment shows as incomplete unfortunately.

I’m sure I’m missing something but I wasn’t sure if there was a comparable example in the demo you all have. It doesn’t appear to be applying anything to the connected account either, but perhaps once I can get the payment to complete it will.

I would appreciate any guidance on the appropriate workflow and any checks I can add to stop workflow if the payment fails.

I really appreciate any insight :slight_smile:

Hi @keishasthomas,

Thanks for getting back. Please let us check on it and notify asap!


Hi @keishasthomas,

Would you please be so kind to share screenshots of the Create a payment intent action so we can see all the fields?