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Stripe Marketplace Plugin issues account and fees

I have bought the Stripe Marketplace for my plateforme.
Before, I set up the Stripe Plugin.
To charge the user, instead of using “charge the user” in the Stripe plugin, with the Marketplace plugin, it is “create a session” ?
I would like to charge both sides, buyers and sellers.
Is there a way to differentiate both fees ?

To create a express account, to transfer the money to the seller (individual)
which url do I have to put in “redirect url”, one url to Stripe website ? where can I find it ? I tried with this one “https://bubble.io/poststripeauth” but they always ask for company informations, even if I choose individual. Is there an easier way to register an account ? !
Capture d’écran 2021-04-07 à 13.26.04|391x500

I also would like to plan when I transfer the money to the seller/host, set a trigger like 3 days after rental (like airbnb for example). Is it possible ?

Thanks for your help,


Hi @agathelcq,

Thanks for reaching out. It is really important whether or not the Stripe Marketplace Express plugin has been configured properly, before being used with its features.

Could you please make sure that all the steps were followed as per our doc instructions here.

Then, you can check our demo app here where we have multiple scenario examples, so you can find that suits your case, and then check the editor here, to replicate the workflows on your side if you will.

Yes, you can capture a payment and hold it up to 7 days.

In docs, you can also find all features: events, actions, data calls etc. that I highly recommend checking.