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Stripe Marketplace Plugin

Hi There,

Having a few issues with using this plug-in. Two questions

1, Is your create a session working for Subscriptions? I keep getting an error when I use that parameter

2, How is best to retrieve a customer_ID from a session. I can’t seem to see any helpful information when I retrieve the session details. I think stripe says it returns this is the mode is Subscriptions but I can’t set this.

Any help would be amazing thanks!

Hi @richard3,

Thanks for asking! Let me help you here.

Yes, you are able to pay for subscriptions but I’m afraid this option is not available in this plugin yet. Specifically there are 3 modes that can be used: setup , payment and subscription . Right now the SCA part of the plugin is built around setup and payment modes. You can find more information here https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/stripe-marketplace-express-plugin.

And for how to retrieve the customer_ID, here is an example from our demo:

After you create a session, you make changes to your current user and save the session_ID from previous step:

And then you can use this field to retrieve the customer ID based on, by using Retrieve a session:

Hope it helps. :pray:


Thanks Alex. Makes sense and that’s how I had set it put but I am receiving ‘null’ when I make the call. For some reason Stripe isn’t creating a customer when I do a Set-up session. Have you got any ideas why this is? I have tried deleting customers from our stripe account and using everything in ‘Test’ mode.



Hi @richard3,

Thanks for feedback. I’m afraid it is hard to tell at this point, so could you please share screenshots and/or screencast of your app setups and workflows, so we can see the exact steps to reproduce this issue, as well as preview results and error messages.

Also, please share your Stripe logs (remember to filter it) so we can see the body message of this error.

And what exactly you are trying to accomplish with this plugin?

We’ll provide working solutions asap after a proper investigation. :pray: