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Stripe Payment status

Using Bubble
I just set up my stripe api connector, and I am almost finalized with my software billing process. All I have left is to create a payment status, basically saying if the user is paying and signed up they can access the software, and if they arent, they are limited and have a status icon that says “status inactive”.

I have been following this video but they never touched on setting a payment status: Bubble x Stripe: build no-code payments - YouTube

Here is a link to my project: Lawn AI 3 | Bubble Editor

Thanks to whoever can help!

Hi @spaanllc,

Thanks for reaching out to us. However, I’m afraid, your question is more related to Bubble functionality and the standard Stripe plugin, rather than to Zeroqode services. I would like to suggest posting a message or searching on the official Bubble forum: https://forum.bubble.io/ where the local community can help you with any Bubble-related question. There are lots of solved questions so you could find more help there. :pray:

Have a good day!

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