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I purchased the marketplace app and followed the steps on the documentation page at https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/stripe-marketplace-express-plugin as well as looked at the demo of this plugin but am getting the following error.

Not sure why it’s a token error as I have this already set up

Would love any insights, thanks


Solved by adding “bearer” in front.


Would love some help on a new issue related to this plugin.

I can see the charge customer workflow, but can’t see where I can fill in the data for a user that has saved credit card info from an earlier step? Does this go inside after “create a customer” or where?



Hello @stusim,

Could you please let us know what exactly you are trying to achieve. Sharing Screenshots of the workflows or providing any additional details would be great. This will help us to understand better your request and provide a solution.

Best Regards,


Thanks @alex.grimacovschi ,

My flow has three steps

Here my Buy Now Button opens up a stripe popup

Simultaneously, a token is created.

Once the popup has been filled out. That card is then attempted to charge.

Thanks in advance for your help,


Hi there @stusim,

Thank you for your provided screenshots. We are investigating the issue and will reach out to you with a solution asap.

Best regards,


Hi @stusim,

To solve the issue, when you press the button it should convert to a token card. Afterwards, you have to create a separate workflow “When a token card was created” where you create customer and then save Customer ID and Card ID to the database.

Then use these IDs in your charge calls. Before using “Seller charge a customer” call, you have to use “Link customer with seller” first, and from the obtained result you should get the ID of payment source.

To make things simple, please check again the plugin documentation and follow all steps to make sure configurations have been done properly, especially pay attention to the moment when adding a card. Also, check demo app here https://zeroqode-demo-19.bubbleapps.io/stripe_marketplace and the editor here https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=stripe_marketplace&id=zeroqode-demo-19&tab=tabs-1 to verify the settings.

Hope it is helpful!

Best regards,