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Stripe plugin in Doors template

dear support,

I see no place to use the stripe plugin on the clicky template how do I disable properly.

edit: I posted wrong, not clicky but doors template

Hi there,
what exactly you are trying to achieve?

hi @levon,

sorry I type wrong , I mean the Doors Template. as there is only one issue left which is the stripe plugin, which I can’t resolve at the moment. how do I disable it properly.

I bought 3 template one of which was clicky, I’m now working on the doors template,

Hello there @info_ptmx, our team will analyse that and I will be back to you with the response.
Please provide me a screenshot of your issue message for analyse.
Thank you,

thank you @Nikita.S it has been fixed

this picture shows how I input the stripe data

the other stripe plugin (stripe js)
had to change to version 1.8.5
with the words (bearer) for sk test

to make the error message go away
the line “do not show…” need to click the check box
once you click error message is gone
this is now working in test mode only
will update when I try with live keys

hope this helps the next person with same problems

Hello there @info_ptmx,

Thank you for these useful instructions.


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