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Stripe plugin setup and error in Uplance


@Nikita.S Thank you.
Is it possible to create a password for the admin?


So on @hanlinde26, you don’t need to create some additional passwords, just change the field userAdmin on Yes for your user account, for doing this you have to click on pen Icon which I highlighted in this picture.

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@Nikita.S Thank you.


Hey @Nikita.S Resuming the admin login question. Is it possible to assign myself an account & password and login through the login page?


Hello there, no, you can just create an account from signup page, with your password and login, and the to find in the Database user with this credentials, and change the field userAdmin on yes, as I mentioned above.


@Nikita.S Thanks a lot! I missed your previous answer. :slight_smile:


@Nikita.S One more thing, why I don’t have the “userAdmin” field in the same tab? The last field I have is “lastName”.

Regarding the Stripe to connect new user ( freelancer ), I have noticed that if I clicked cancel ( not to connect the app with user’s account ), then the user will be redirected back to the app BUT get assigned a new account, which can’t edit profile and the menu bar even show them the job posting feature ( which belongs to employer feature ).

Here is the screenshot for cancel:


Hey @hanlinde26, so on regarding the userAdmin, you just have to click on the pen Icon, and while you will edit your user you will see the field userAdmin, cause User has much more fields which are not displayed on the main view in the database.

Regarding the stripe, we are fixing this one issue and when it will be fixed I will provide you further instructions.

Thank you for reaching out,


@Nikita.S Thank you so much for the help, really appreciated.

Please give me posted on the issue you are working on. Thanks!


Yes @hanlinde26, for sure I will be back of a matter when it will be fixed, and provide you with further instructions.

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Thank you @Nikita.S. About that issue, here is the complete version:

I just tried several times creating few new apps with the uplance template and compare the workflow, I am certain that my flow is exactly the same as the default template setting since I only change the font and color.

The database seems can’t recognize the freelancer user type, but works fine for the employer type account. So when I sign up/login as freelancer, the profile button won’t work, can’t edit personal information at all, and the “post job” is on the menu bar.

Any idea of what could go wrong?

I hope this info helps.



Yes @hanlinde26, I already know about this issue, our developer team is fixing it now, when it will be fixed I will update you ASAP.

Thank you.


@Nikita.S Thank you. You and your team is super responsive :+1::+1::+1:


So on the issue was fixed @hanlinde26, you have to add next actions to fix it in your template on page load of freelancer-main:

  1. Log out the user with next condition.
  2. Delete the user like here.
  3. Redirect to signup like here.

And on page load of Sign up you have to add:

  1. Alert like this.
  2. Action to show alert with this conditionals.

Thank you for your patience,


Thank you @Nikita.S! :slight_smile:


Hey @Nikita.S! Thanks, but I can’t type “empty” in the parameters box as you demonstrate below. And may I know the function of this part?



Hello @Nikita.S, any updates? Thank you


Hello @hanlinde26, I think this video should help you to solve that issue. Please check it and let me know if you have additional questions.

Thank you,