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Stripe Plugin wants extra API key? Also need help getting an express accounts seller ID?

Hey Team,

Maybe Im missing something obvious but I’m having some trouble with the initial setup of the plugin and also getting a seller account started.

For context, this is for a marketplace where sellers offer cosmetic services and consumers use the platform to book appointments. I intend to have the payments paid through the platform via stripe - take a commission - and then pass the rest onto the seller.

My first issue is I seem to have an extra API key section and I can’t find any resources explaining where to get it or what its for? screen shot below. Ive been looking through the forums and documentation but everyone seems to only have 6 boxes, not 8.
And my second issue is I can’t seem to figure out how to get a sellers stripe user ID once they have registered or connected an express account (not that I can even get to the stripe registration page, I’m assuming because of the API key issue). Screenshots of my workflow are below, maybe I’m just silly and missing something obvious idk.

Any help is greatly appreciated :heart:

Hi @dkaufman4747

Thanks for reaching out! :blush:

Your “Secret Key” and API key are identical. The only distinction is that for the API Key input, you should prepend “Bearer” to your key. Here is an example:

So, Api Key will look like;

Bearer sk_live_key

Also, please remove “Bearer” from the Stripe Secret Key.

So, right after the connect action, you won’t immediately grab the Stripe seller ID. What happens is, after users get registered on the Stripe page and come back to our platform post-Stripe login/registration, there’s this nifty URL parameter called “code” (it’s in text type). You’ve got to shoot that over to Stripe to finish up the onboarding – it’s the standard/express account groove. And then, you can save the seller ID using the “result of step x” expression. Please see the example setup below:

Hope this helps! Please let me know if you need any clarification on this point or if you have more questions.:pray:

Looking forward to your reply!

Best regards,

Gulce you’re the best thank you for getting back to me so quickly and explaining so simply.

I have fixed up the keys but Im unable move onto getting the stripe seller ID because I keep getting the same error message when I use the “connect express/standard account” workflow as before. Is it maybe something in my stripe account that I haven’t done properly?

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Glad to be helpful! @dkaufman4747

Would you mind providing a video recording using the Loom tool? It would be immensely helpful to see the steps you’re taking along with the error message you encounter. Thank you!

Perhaps, you didn’t add your website URL to the redirect URLs section in the stripe dashboard? Could you please double-check it? :pray:

In my stripe connect settings I only have oAuth for standard account and no option to turn it on for express.
I just tested my workflow and its working if user creates a standard account so I think that’s the issue but I have no idea why my stripe account doesn’t give me the option to turn on oAuth for express accounts.

Hi @dkaufman4747

Would you mind reaching out to Stripe Support to request enabling it? You can find more information in this documentation, which suggests that contacting support is the necessary step for enabling it. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, please inform me, and we can explore alternative solutions. Here is the documentation link: Stripe OAuth for Express Accounts. :pray:

Thank you!


Yeah already did and unfortunately they’ve changed it for express account. The new way can be found here: Using Connect with Express accounts | Stripe Documentation

I haven’t had a proper look yet but hopefully its pretty easy to figure out. Ill give it a go when I have some time. Might be worth updating the plugin documentation though.


Sure, we’ll add this to our docs and dig into the recent changes. I will get back to you as soon as I’ve got any news. Thanks a bunch for being patient and understanding! :pray:

Best regards,

That’d be awesome thank you :smiley: I had a look at finding a work around but its probably a little above my skillset for now. Getting this working is really the only thing left for me to do before I’m ready to get this thing launched so the sooner the better!

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Hi @dkaufman4747

Hope you are doing well!

I just wanted to keep you updated regarding the issue. We are still investigating this case and as soon as I gather more information, I will let you know. I appreciate your patience. :pray:

Best regards,

Hello @dkaufman4747

Sorry for taking some time to get back to you on this. :pray:

We’ve updated the plugin and added a new Create express/standard/custom account action. Could you please upgrade your plugin to the latest version and give it a try? We will also update our documentation accordingly but here is an example in the meantime:

Please let me know if you need any clarification on this point or if you have more questions. :slightly_smiling_face: