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Stripe Plugin - Workflow management


I’m working with the Stripe Marketplace Express plugin and I have an issue about the way to manage my workflow around the Stripe event “Go to checkout”. Here is my current workflow :

Everything works fine with the plugin, but I would like the Step 5 (which is an action on my database) to happen only if the User successfully finalizes his payment on the Stripe portal from Step 4. In my current configuration, Step 5 is executed at the same time as all previous steps.

It seems to be logical since the “Go to checkout” action is considered as done as soon as the call is made (unlike the official Bubble’s Stripe plugin, where the “Charge current the user” action is considered as done only when the payment is finalized trough Stripe’s portal).

Is there a way to handle the system in order to get the Step 5 executed only if the payment is successfully finalized in the Stripe portal ?

Thank you.

Hi @hardyzpower, thanks for your question.

To implement the workflow that will follow your requirements ( add an action to create a database object, or any other way you prefer ), allow me to recommend using our plugin Demo page workflows and settings: https://bubble.io/page?id=zeroqode-demo-19&name=stripe_extendend_demo&tab=tabs-2

You need to end up your workflow on step 4 (Go to checkout), because on step 4 you anyway will be redirected on Stripe checkout, and then back to the app.

So, the step 5 you will transfer into a workflow “When page is loaded and Get status from page URL is payment”. See the following screenshots for reference:

Basically, you easily accomplish your project requirements, but with a bit different implementation.

Hope it helps,