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Stripe Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) with Contractor

I’ve had notifications from Stripe that say my site needs to use Strong Customer Authentication for payments. However payments seems to be failing when tested with 3D Secure authentication. Has this been integrated into the Contractor template? If not, is it something that’s easy to do?

Hello @jason.suttie

Thanks for reaching out and sorry delayed reply :pray:

Unfortunately, the template Contractor does not incorporate the Stripe SCA feature for payments. You can read more info about Stripe integration here - https://docs.zeroqode.com/templates/contractor-services-like-thumbtack-template#stripe

As for modifying it to SCA compliant, I believe you can check this thread - https://forum.bubble.io/t/new-feature-stripe-plugin-now-offers-sca-support/65349
since the template uses the default bubble plugin.

Hope this helps.


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