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Struggling to integrate Stripe with Booky template

Hi there, I would like some help regarding the Booky template which I purchased a few days ago. Everything is working very well however, I have been really struggling to get my Stripe to work. I have added the test keys both to the development part and to the live part. Neither of the two made a difference.
When I try to make a booking through the app with an account it does not take me to a payment screen and no payment is required. All that happens is that the booking appears in the test instructor’s bookings and they must confirm it.

Then, if I go to the instructor’s payment page I get this:

However, the workflow seems to not be requiring me to enter my stripe API as they were before I added them.

What should I do next and what do I need to change?


Hi @crabstick99,

Thanks for reaching out and using our products. Let me provide some insights.

After you send a booking request then log in as Instructor, you’re able to find and approve/deny this request here:

But when you create the booking as a Student, just make sure it is an upcoming one, as otherwise it will get into ‘Previous Bookings’ list, meaning you’ll not be able to approve/deny it as Instructor.

For paying the approved booking as a Student, it can be done here:

And for Stripe configurations, please make sure everything is done as per our docs, then give it a try again.

Hope it helps.