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Hi Zeroqode , I want to suggest this Block , hopefully you can take in your consideration in the future . Almost most of the big website use this feature in the " setting " section , ability to " Connect " social media accounts (FB ,Twitter, Pinterest ,LinkedIn, paypal …etc ) using API connector to get Data from these accounts .

Best Regards


thanks for the suggestion,
so you mean a plugin for social logins or a Block (template) that would have all these implemented in one Bubble app


Hi @levon ,i meant a plugin , however it can be a small block too ,where we can use it in every website especially social websites , such as pinterest ,patreon, buffer …they put this feature " Connect Social account " in the “setting” section, that allow users to “Get” data from their social accounts and use it such as "Donation " ,search though the followers…etc


but there are already multiple plugins for social logins. facebook, instagram etc. right?


Thanks levon for your quick reply , are these plugin allow users to Get their data from the social account using the same " Login /sign up" workflow ? and in this case the user will have 2 accounts " for example pinterest account and email account "
Again thanks for your support and reply


if the email is same then the user will have only one account, either pinterest or email. Yes, with these plugins you can get some basic information about the user