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Suggestion for a new plugin


I have been searching to find anything available that helps create a performant search autocomplete functionality where data comes from an API.

I have succeeded to implement the functionality and works great, but of course it is not blazing fast unfortunately.

Here is an example of a pure javascript library that enables really fast search & autocomplete from an API.

I think it is worth creating a plugin on top of this or some other js library out there.

Eventually i will end up doing it myself if nobody picks this up, should be a couple of days with proper testing.


hi @neverway
did you try this plugin? https://zeroqode.com/plugin/zq-fuzzy-search--autocomplete-1553511659347x392791628733743100

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no i haven’t because i assume it performs the search in the bubble DB, but if you tell me otherwise, i will try it right away

Tried and it seems is what i’m looking for…saved me time from writing my plugin in js.

May I suggest to highlight the “Choose from any data source” feature a bit more :slight_smile: in the plugin page as I could not find that detail.



will do, thanks a lot!

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