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🍬 SVG Icon Custom Color Plugin by Zeroqode
Hey Creative Minds! :star2: We are beyond excited to unveil our newest creation, the SVG Icon Custom Color plugin.

Transform Your Icons Like Never Before! :art:

With this plugin, incorporating SVG icons into your designs has never been easier or more fun! Take complete control and unleash your creativity, as you customize your icons to fit your unique style and brand identity.

Key Features:

  • :rainbow: Flat & Gradient Colors: Choose from a wide spectrum of colors, be it flat or gradient, to make your icons pop!
  • :lower_left_paintbrush:Effortless Customization: Tailor your icons to perfection with just a few clicks, ensuring they align seamlessly with your design aesthetic.
  • :rocket: Streamlined Workflow: Save precious time and enhance your productivity, as our plugin streamlines the customization process for you.

Svg icon color

Live demo:


SVG Icon Custom Color| Plugin for Bubble by Zeroqode


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Hi @Ilinca! I bought this plugin a few months ago and continue to have random bugs. The svg files fail to render sometimes. The issue is non consistent with any 1 svg file and appears random. When they do appear, the conditional formatting controlling the control works without issue. Can you please let me know what other info I can share to help you look into this?


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Hello @josh9, :wave:

Thank you for your message. To help us look into the SVG rendering issues with our plugin, could you share details about your setup (Information on how you have set up the SVG files within the plugin. Are they hosted externally, or are they uploaded to Bubble’s storage?), any conditional formatting involved, and the steps you usually take when the problem occurs? Knowing the actions that lead to the problem can be crucial for diagnosing the cause. Also, information about the device and operating system you’re using, along with any error screenshots or console logs (When using your browser’s developer tools F12, console logs captured when the issue happens can provide insightful details), would be very useful.

Thank you for cooperation, and I look forward to assisting you further.

Best regards,

Hi Daniel!

Thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay. The files are hosted in the bubble database as part of an option set. The conditional formatting changes the color, but not visibility. oddly enough, the inspector reveals that visibility is “no” even for ones that display correctly. We use these icons across multiple pages with the same errors. It is also strange that peanut experiences the error most of the time and it rarely affects other allergens.

Here is a link to the page in the screenshot below so you can see if you can replicate

Thanks again!


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Hi @josh9, :wave:

Please accept my apologies for the delay over the weekend. :pray:

Thank you for providing such detailed information and for your patience. The behavior you’re experiencing is certainly unusual.

I’m going to consult with our development team to get a better understanding of what might be causing these issues and how we can resolve them.

We aim to provide you with a solution or guidance on how to address this as soon as possible. Please bear with us while we investigate this matter further. I’ll get back to you with our findings.

In the meantime, if there’s anything else you’d like to add, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Best regards,

Hello @josh9, :wave:

Thank you for your patience. I have consulted with our devs about your issue and they replied that the problem you’re describing sounds like it might be related to a CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) error. This occurs when a web application tries to access resources from a different domain, and the server’s response lacks the necessary headers to allow the request. Such errors can sometimes manifest inconsistently, potentially being influenced by factors like user geolocation or specific browser settings.

We have conducted multiple tests on your page on our end and have not been able to recreate the error you’re encountering, to further troubleshoot this issue, could you please try accessing the page from various devices and browsers? This will help determine if the problem is isolated or more widespread.

If you confirm that the issue persists across different devices or browsers, we will look into implementing a cache buster solution. This would ensure that users receive the most up-to-date information from the Bubble server with each page load, which could help resolve the inconsistency you’ve experienced with icon visibility.

Please let me know the results of your tests. :pray:

Best regards,

Hi Daniel -

The issue persists across browsers and devices and was happening daily. I just decided to hard code the colors as separate svg files in option sets - need to move on from this.

Would you consider a prorated refund of the perpetual license?



Hello @josh9, :wave:

I’m sorry to hear about the persistent issue you’ve encountered across different browsers and devices.

Our development team is working on providing a cache booster update, which we hope might resolve the issues you’ve been experiencing. We’re committed to improving our plugin’s performance and usability.

Regarding the request for a refund, as plugin developers, we don’t directly handle refunds since all payments and transactions are processed through the Bubble Marketplace. However, if you feel strongly about requesting a refund, I encourage you to contact the Bubble support team directly at They will be able to guide you through their refund policy and process any requests as per their terms of service.

If there’s anything more I can do to assist or if you have further feedback or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Best regards,

Hi @josh9, :wave:

I’m pleased to inform you that we’ve released an update to our plugin! The latest version is 1.3.0 - “fixed occasional fail to load” We’ve implemented a flag to prevent multiple fetching and have rewritten the logic for injecting SVGs using the DOMParser, specifically with your use case in mind.

I hope this update provides the fix you need for a smoother experience. To take advantage of this improvement, please ensure you update the plugin to the latest version.

Could you let us know if everything is functioning well within your app after the update?

Looking forward to your reply and thank you for using our plugin!

Best regards,

Hi @josh9, :wave:

I hope you are doing well. Just following up to see if you’ve had a chance to update to the latest version of our plugin, which includes the recent improvements.

We’re hoping to hear that the new version is running smoothly within your app and the enhancements have made a more seamless plugin use experience.

Please let us know when you’ve had the opportunity to check it out, or if there’s anything else you need from our side. :pray:

Warm regards,