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Swipe plugin error hold on id stops scrolling

Not using this plugin anymore

Thank you for reporting this and describing the solution. In our test version the element with Press-and-Hold action is visible. I’m not sure what’s causing the issue in your application. Can you reproduce a bug and make a screen cast video to show it please?
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Thank you for detailed explanation!
We took a look at our side and the plugin action works on the repeating group. The group hides and the scrolling is still working.
Could you describe your scenario step-by-step and make a screen shot of your workflow, so that we could reproduce your setup?
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No thanks im going to unsubscribe

Sorry to hear that. Anyway thank you for the feedback, it’s very important for us! We’ll keep working on our plugin and try different scenarios. Sometimes the bug is the result of elements interaction or plugin conflict, that’s hard to predict and such situations have to be resolved on site.
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Hello @hfhfhfhhfh.

To add to my colleague’s post, sorry that the product did not meet your expectations and use case. Unfortunately as my colleague said, we could not reproduce the bug on our side.
Even replicating the information provided by you:

I believe with a more detailed look at your scenario would be a better debugging tool rather for us trying to replicate the issue. Even though it may seem obvious, we couldn’t get the issue with our test bench.
Thanks for understanding and feedback.