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Swipe Seems to be broken on mobile


The swipe plug in on mobile seems to send the cards to the far right and then makes it hard to swipe as the whole screen wants to move. It does this on your demo page as well so it’s not a sending I could find to fix.

I have videos I can send but it won’t let me attach them here.

But if you go to your demo app on safari or chrome mobile on your phone you’ll see the tiles way off to the right if you swipe them right.

I appreciate any help on fixing this as it’s a big part of our platform we are launching this week.


Hello @g.walrod ,
Thank you for contacting us.

To understand better your use case, would it be convenient to share the following information:
-What specific plugin are you referring to
-Phone model and OS version
-Screenshots/Video of your plugin element’s configuration.
-Workflows associated with the plugin.
-Any additional details you believe are important for us to replicate and understand your use case.

You can reply here, or send this information to us by email:

Looking forward to your response.

Best Regards,