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Swipe to Workflow Action - New Plugin from Zeroqode


When I detect the SWIPE, I do 3 things:

  • I set the State of a parameter at CURRENT CELL level to change the color of the CARDS (*)
  • I set the State of a parameter at REPEATING GROUP level to change the color of the CARDS (*)
  • I change one Parameter (KDSHow) in the PARENT GROUP KD for the current cell (**).

And the thing is the Workflows change the KDSHow field to YES or NO (depending of the SWIPE direction) but to the entire DataBase. It looks like PARENT GROUP KD does not work properly.

… or may be I have set a wrong parameter somewhere…

Any idea to solve this bug? By the way is it a Bug or is it wrong parametererization?

Looking forward to reading from you.
Best Regards

(*) RIGHT makes the CARDS green and LEFT makes the CARDS RED. I know that SET STATE Parameter changes color for all the CARDS. So it’s not the issue here.

(**) KD is the name of my DataBase. KDSHow (YES or NO) is a Flag in each item that I change within the WORKFLOW. When Swipe is RIGHT then KDSHow is YES and when Swipe is LEFT then KDSHow it’s set to NO.


you can’t use custom states to tell which card should be green yellow etc. You need to write it in the database for that specific item shown in the cell, and then have a conditional formatting for the cell that would say “when current sell’s color is green” change the background color. (in this case i used “color” as the database field in the same table from where you are retrieving records to show in the repeating groups. Custom states are global parameters not specific to a certain cell.
So I don’t think there is a bug here…
Please try as suggested



I have done what you suggest… I have removed all CUSTOM STAES (to simplify) and I want the SWIPE RIGHT and LEFT workflows to change the value of a simple Text field (SWIPE_DEMO) into each item of the KD database. (See the two SWIPE workflows where I change the value of the SWIPE_DEMO field into the “Current Cell KD”)

As you can see, when I SWIPE RIGHT then all the SWIPE_DEMO fields change for the complete DATA BASE, not only the CELL… I don’t know what to do…

PS: I have tested to put the SWIPE PLUGIN at the repeating Group level and at the CELL level and unfortunately the results are exactly the same.

I really need your support on this …
Thanks in advance.



Hello, thank you for reaching out.

Can you add [email protected] to your application, so one of our Developers will check you app.

Looking forward to your reply.

Regards! Zeroqode team.


Hello Pavel,
yes we can organize a conference call and solve this morning US Time (as I’m in Asia and it’s the night time now)
I have sent you a PM message


Hello Pavel,
Have you seen my PM message with my contact details?


Hi Pierre,
sorry but we don’t hop on conference calls for issues like this, please simply add the account Pavel mentioned above to the collaborators of your app and point us to the page where we can check the issue. We’ll try to check it and get back to you asap


Hello @3whiteshirts, thank you for reaching out.

We made a minor changes to the plugin and fixed your demo.

Added dynamic data option to use elements ID’s and it fixed issue with repeating groups.

Hope it helps !
Regards, Zeroqode team.


Thanks Pavel and Zeroconde team for your support.

The Swipe is at the Cell level now. Very good.

Though it’s very sensitive as sometimes when I move my finger by one pixel on the right… Bing it detects a RIGHT swipe and sometimes 1 or 2 pixels on the LEFT and BING it’s a LEFT one…

When Scrolling down the Repeating Group, it generates wrong behaviors, unfortunately :frowning:
Any chance to get a kind of threshold to adjust the SWIPE behavior and make it much more usable… As from now, I cannot use it like that… Too much sensitive.

Anyway, thanks for your support
Best Regards


Hi Pierre,
we’ll try to implement this, although I can’t promise it will be very quick
I’ll update here once (and if) we manage to do this
thanks for your patience


Hi Pierre,
we have updated the plugin
Added new functionality and a new field - Sensitivity. Touch sensitivity in pixels. The less the number is, the more sensitive it will be.
please upgrade the plugin to the latest version, refresh the page and then give it a try


Dear Levon and Zerocode Team,
This is an excellent feature which was really needed to make the Plugin usable.
Thanks for your efficient support and reactivity. This is appreciated!


Thanks Pavel and Levon, I have published the Plugin Review below on Bubble pages…

"SWIPE TO WORKFLOW ACTION is the unique SWIPE Plugin which works at the Repeating Group Cell level. You can scroll down or up in a Repeating Group and select each CELL by swiping Right or Left. Very useful !

Sensitivity Parameter is also a very good feature as we can now adjust to the movements of the fingers.

_ZEROCODE team has been very support reactive and even updated the Plugin with above very nice features. _

I recommend this Plugin. "


Levon and Pavel, If I may propose … in continuous efforts to make this Plugin very useful, could you try to understand now why adding a ANIMATE the CELL in the Workflow does not work properly. Let me explain in details…

In the list of CARDS, every time I swipe LEFT I change a field flag and the CARDS does not appear in the Repeating Group. Great.

But, as I want to show a nice looking SWIPE LEFT movement effect, I have added in the workflow a ANIMATE SwipeLeftBounce (for example).

The SWIPE LEFT is detected by the Plugin, but … the Animation SwipeLeftBounce goes well (very nice), but when the CARDS is BouncedLeft there is a Blank in the Repeating Group list. The SWIPE LEFT workflows changes the field and the CARD disappears but there is an empty space left in the list which kills the SWIPE effect…

I don’t know how to solve that behavior… :frowning:
Any recommandation?


HI Pierre,
thanks a lot for the kind feedback, really appreciate it.
The issue that you have described about animation is not related to the plugin, i would suggest you to check general Bubble’s forum to see if someone else encountered it and maybe found a solution https://forum.bubble.is


Hello @levon - could you please help with the list of element ID format, it only seems to be recognising the first option. And I have tested with commas, just a space. Cannot get the swipe to pick up the other element IDs



Hi Omar, did you try to list the element IDs separated with a coma?


Hello @levon thank you for coming back to me, I tried with comma too. With no spaces and without. It only seems to pick up first element ID in list


We’ll check it out Omar, it might take a bit though


Hi Omar
we have pushed an update to the plugin
Fixed unable to add multiply ID.
Elements ID must be inserted separated by a comma.

Added New element, Press&Hold Detector.
Detects when selected element is pressed and hold, then is triggered event, Element Hold.

Acccepts as paramas:
Elements ID, also must be separated by a comma.
Duration when detect, miliseconds to hold until Element Hold event will trigger

to give it a try, please upgrade to plugin’s latest version