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Swipe to Workflow limitation for elements in a repeating group?

I have the Swipe Detector plug in. My goal is to swipe an element in a row in a repeating group and have the text only from that element/row create a new thing in a database. Is this possible?

Right now, it is properly detecting when I swipe on any element/row of text within a repeating group. This is because I set the Swipe ID Attribute to be that a text element within a repeating group’s cell.

However, my problem is on the workflow side. I cannot find a workflow to create a thing only from the element/row that I swiped. The closest I can get is to create a new thing consisting of all of text from the repeating group, but I only want the text from the single row/cell within the repeating group that I swiped. I do not want to swipe the text in a row and create a new thing that consists of all of the text within a repeating group.

In other words, is it possible to recognize which specific element or row in a repeating group is swiped? I think this may be a problem for the plug in because when I set the ID Attribute to an element within a cell, it gets duplicated throughout all of the RG’s rows so there are numerous elements with the same ID Attribute. This problem seems to be reflected on the workflow side, where there is no way to search for element by ID Attribute.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @hshadab,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m afraid it is not possible to accomplish with this plugin, but could you please share some screenshots of your RG, plugin and workflow settings, so we can replicate on our side and see whether or not there is a possible workaround that might help.