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Swipe to workflow plugin not working

I have recently downloaded the swipe to workflow plugin but can’t seem to get it to work whatever I try to do. I have mirrored the demo workflow but it still won’t work.

On the page captured_mobile and in the group ‘unsorted’: I am trying to do a workflow action so that swipe = delete task.

Is it possible for you to take a look? Here is a link: https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=captured_mobile&id=focus-inc&tab=tabs-1

Hi @sophie1, thanks for reaching out and plugin purchase.

In order to indicate to the Swipe plugin what element to swing, you need to indicate the element’s ID.

In your case, the indicated ID was from two words (which made him unrecognizable by the plugin).

To make your plugin work, please change the mentioned ID within your app to a short combination of letters/numbers written together.

Hope it helps.