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Tasky Enhancements

Hi all,

I am still working on Tasky, and have a few questions. Being pointed in the right direction would be awesome - I’d like to do this stuff myself but am having difficulty finding my way around:

  • I need an admin dashboard so I can see who has registered, upgrade or delete accounts etc. Is there an easy way to achieve that?
  • I need a subscriptions function I can tie in with user registration and stripe
  • I need to be able to add multiple pictures and comments to tasks, and for the task assignee to be able to update with more pictures and comments

If this is a classic ‘rtfm’, I would be grateful if you could direct me to the right section of the manual.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and patience with a newbie :slight_smile:


Hi @ren
What are you asking for isn’t just short walk through, but complex setup. Shortly, you simply need to use repeating groups loading from your database necessary data. If there are missing tables in your DB (or fields in these tables), simply create them (like comments or list of images) . Repeating groups are made exactly for that purpose, so you can add button on each cell and when this button clicked, run in workflow change/delete data “current cell DATA”.
I would propose you to create smaller and more concrete questions, and forward them one by one to the bubble community bellow:


Fair point I suppose - I didn’t want to spam the board with individual threads, and I had thought since the questions were based on the template I should post them here. No worries though - I’ll concentrate on the bits I think I can sort out and then come back with a shorter list of better questions.


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