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Template Contractor : stripe token account for french country

I am using contractor template.
But the account connect process with stripe seems not working with the french country.
There must be an account token to be created before creating the account.
I don’t see the account token in the work flow and I don’t manage to create any connect account.
I would be glad to get any help on that ?


Hi @davidblanc,

Thanks for reaching out. Are you actually getting this type of error message:

"error": {
"message": "Connect platforms based in FR must create Custom accounts via account tokens. 
For documentation on account tokens, see https://stripe.com/docs/connect/account-tokens.",
"type": "invalid_request_error}

In this case, please follow the example described here:

I’m afraid it will be necessary to add this call at your own, in the API Connector, but following this example above should help solve the issue!

However, have you tried to follow all of our doc instructions here https://docs.zeroqode.com/templates/contractor-services-like-thumbtack-template to configure all of the Stripe setups? Please make sure everything is configured as per docs, and if you still receive the error regarding account tokens, just create the call and it should solve the problem.


However, your template precises that it works for in France