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Template for marketplace like TaskRabbit?


I’ve seen some templates for service marketplaces similar to Fiverr or Thumbstack, where the model is based on bidding. The customer posts a job and the professionals will bid to get the gig. However, I’d be interested in an approach similar to what TaskRabbit offers, where the customer search for what they need (i.e babysitter) and a list of professionals will show up, based on certain aspects, such as location, skill level, the price per hour, etc. From there on the customer would be able to check the professional’s profile, click “hire”, select a time-slot, and book it right away.

Is this something that already exists? Can I change any of the existing templates to fit this model?

Thanks a lot for the help!


Hi, @marconmbrito!

Thank you for reaching out!
I could advice you to look at our Uplance template, which might be suitable for your purposes: https://zeroqode.com/template/uplance---freelancing-like-upwork-template-1521126522992x280884860676997120 . Uplance no-code template is a complex freelance template similar to Upwork, where users can post jobs and workers can apply for them. You can change almost any design/functional part of the templates, because all our templates are fully customizable.

You are able to test the template by visitng Live Demo page: https://upworkclone.bubbleapps.io/ . Also, you can find template’s documentation here https://docs.zeroqode.com/templates/uplance-freelancing-like-upwork-template for more information.

Best, Julia!