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Hello, How can i connect two templates functions? Exemple:I bought Boardly (Zeroqode) and Linky ( Zerocode), I would like to integrate them as 01 plataform.

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To be honest, this is not the easiest way to create an app. Although it’s possible I won’t say it’s easy copying visual elements is simple but copy-pasting workflows would require manual manipulation because they are tied to the database structure and even if you recreate the same database structure Bubble won’t automatically match the new DB fields and would show an error so you would need to manually reconcile each occurrence where it doesn’t see the DB field.

Anyway, if you’d like to combine two templates into one, then the first step will be- to decide what template is a base. Then step by step, copy and paste the elements, recreating the workflows and DB. So, it’s doable and still easier than creating from scratch but I wouldn’t want to mislead you saying that it’s super easy.

Furthermore, to be able to integrate one template into another solid bubble skills are required in order to easily tweak the template functionality. I may suggest a few tutorials that might be helpful to skill up. Here are they:

  1. Introduction to Bubble: https://bubble.io/lessons
  2. Bubble for Beginners: https://lab.zeroqode.com/course/bubble-for-beginners-course-1549860685047x857418658238693400
  3. Bubble Manuals: https://manual.bubble.io

Hope this was helpful!
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YEs thank you for the information

Hi, @contato!

You are always welcome :slightly_smiling_face: If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us!

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