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I recently bought one of the templates and planning to buy another template, to use service for wrapping in to native apps and also to use the services for publishing to IOS store and Google Play store.


  1. How mobile updates work? Would I be able to update bubble webapp that uses your template and expect those updates to reflected in native apps apps? Would that work, since you’re wrapping a website?

  2. Would you provide all of the assets for appstores once apps gets published? For example, I’ll pay for publishing services, you will generate certificates, all other data, will you share it with me, in case I need to update some information in app stores later?

@Ecaterina could you please help with this? I also sent an email to support a couple of days ago.

Another question is:

Would you be able to create and publish apps from any bubble based site or template? Even if this template was not created by Zeroqode?

Hello, @MPDev.

Thank you for your questions and for your patience. I am happy to assist you with your queries.

  1. Regarding mobile updates, since the source for your wrapped app is a Bubble app, any updates made to the web app side in the Bubble editor and uploaded to live will be immediately reflected in your native app. The only time you would need to rebuild your app is if changes are required in the Air native app details, such as App Name, App link, Icons, Splash screens, etc.

  2. After converting your web app to mobile app using Air Native service, we upload the ios and android Build to your personal Apple/Google accounts. Even if we manage store publishing as part of the publishing service we offer, we will still provide you with access to your converted applications, which will be listed in your Google/Apple developer consoles.

  3. Our Air Native service can convert any web app to native, not just our templates. However, the web app should have responsive settings and ideally be created within the scope outlined in our documentation here: Bubble tips and tricks for native.

For further information on prerequisites and other details on our Air Native service, please refer to our documentation here: Air Native service - convert your Bubble app into iOS and Android.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.
Have a great day! :sunflower:


Thank you for detailed answers :+1:t2:

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