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Template Updates

It’s great to see that the Zeroqode templates are being updated. However, I am wondering what this means for people who have already developed their app using an earlier release of a template. I would like to think that they could re-apply the template to their app and benefit from all of the improvements - but as I understand it this is not possible. Is this correct?


Hi there @plato39

Thanks for appreciation and feedback. Regarding the usage of a purchased templates, there is no limit on the number of applications the template can be used for once is purchased.
Meaning you could create as many apps as you like from the template.
Hope this clarifies.



So when you update your templates - the updates automatically trickle down to any app that uses them?


Unfortunately not, it is not possible to get the updates in a used app automatically.
However users figured it out in a couple of steps to be done, so you could apply the updates to an existing app.

Here’s the guide:

  1. create a test app with the updated ‘theme’
  2. export that as test.bubble (Settings > General > Scroll to the bottom > Export Application)
  3. then import that into the current development area (Settings > General > Scroll to the bottom > Import Application - into the one I want to update)
  4. it updated it with the changes done by the publisher
  5. the only issue(s) will be design changes that you made previously, they will be lost.

This way all the data will be kept.

The other way is to create a new app from the updated template and work from there.


I see - and will workflows be preserved?