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Template Uplance errors


Hello support,

I have some problems with the uplance template:

  1. Error and incomplete profile when signing up as a freelancer at the front-end:
    After filling out the details as a freelancer and pressing the sing up button, I get an error message:
    {“error”:{“message”:“No application matches the supplied client identifier”}}
    (URL: https://connect.stripe.com/oauth/authorize?response_type=code&client_id=acct_xxxxxxxxxx&scope=read_write&state={“nextURL”%3A"https%3A%2F%2Fno-coders.bubbleapps.io%2Fversion-test%2Fsignup%3Fdebug_mode%3Dtrue%26mode%3Dfreelancer%26resume%3D1567954154x770794779135800"%2C"user_id"%3A"15676039083345206219944500"%2C"appname"%3A"no-coders"}&stripe_user[email]=freelancer%40company.com&stripe_user[url]=&stripe_user[business_name]=Freelancer&stripe_user[product_category]=art_and_graphic_design&stripe_user[condition]=true)
    I’ve filled out all the Live and Test ID’s under the plugin
    When I go to the freelancer page, I see that I am signed up and automatically signed in, but my profile is not complete. First name and Last name are missing. Signing up as an employer seems to work fine.

  2. When signed in as a freelancer, the link to profile page under your avatar doesn’t work

  3. On the Freelancer profile page: when changing the data, only the name and the addressed is stored. All the other information, like description, hourly rate, skills etc., is not stored

  4. When signed in as a freelancer, I can go to the employer’s page by typing employer at the end of the URL. I am then able to enter employer/company details. Shouldn’t a freelancer be restricted to the empoyers page and visa versa?

  1. I also get an error under the plugins: <missing plugin 35172636175700x394933529563075450_current>


@0code Hello.

There seems like some issues are from a work in progress version for some reason, we’ll work this out and provide an update on the matter.
Thanks understanding.


Hi Dumitru,

Any news on this matter? The issues are holding off my project. I hope to hear from you,

thanks in advance,


Hi Dumitru,

Can you please give me an update?



@0code Hello.

Really sorry for this long one, we pushed the update to template with the redesign and fixes.
You’ll need to create a New App from template, you will see a dropdown in the New Application popup that lets you pick a template as the basis for the new application to get the latest fixes.
Thanks for patience and understanding.



Hi Dumitru,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve created a new app based on the new template but unfortunately none of the issues were solved. Is there a way you can take a look at my app?




That’s really strange, please add [email protected] as collaborator to your app with editing rights, and say the name of your app so the team could look at it.


sorry just realized that there is an issue submitting an update of this template to Bubble, it returns an error at the end. Will need to report a bug to Bubble, will keep you posted


Thanks. I hope you can fix this soon.


I wonder if you managed to re-submit the updated template?


Hi @0code

There seems like a Bubble issue while submitting the update to live. We’re in talks with the Bubble support team to solve this. Sorry for inconvenience, we’ll notify you asap.

Thanks for patience and understanding.


Hi Guys,

Nearly three weeks have passed since I created this ticket. My template is still not working. What’s the status? If these issues are not resolved soon, I would like to have a refund.



Hello @0code

We received a confirmation message from Bubble Support on this ticket, that they’re having an issue with submission system at this time.
Once they’ll fix it it should be live, there is no ETA from them however so hopefully will work on this faster. I believe you could try once again create a new app from template and check the update.
Thanks for understanding and patience.



Hi @0code
one more time my apologies for the delay here.
Finally Bubble informed us that they have fixed the issue and we were able to deploy all the fixes to live.
Please create a new app off the template and give it a try.


Hi Levon,

Thanks for solving the issues above. Only one new issue arises: I’ve removed the Script/Meta tags in the header, but the banner won’t go away. See https://no-coders.com/. I’ve changed the Script/Meta tags in the header multiple times to see if that would help, but unfortunately it doesn’t.


Hi @0code

After you remove the Script from App settings, do not forget to deploy the app to live with changes. Cheers.


Yes, I’ve done that. I also revert to a previous point to see if that helps, but no effect either. Please help.


@0code Hi

These are the only steps which are required to remove the banner.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Then SEO/Metatags tab
  3. Under Scripts Body and Header remove the CSS scripts.

Also deploy to live the app once you remove it so it will not show in live version.

Could you add [email protected] as a collaborator to your app so the devs could look at the issue closely? Thanks