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Text to Speech Plugin

I am using the Text to Speech Plugin and cannot get it to speak more than once under one workflow same thing with inputs any suggestions??? Thanks in advance.

Hi @sdbender22,

Thanks for reaching out. Could you please share the following details:

  1. screenshots/screencast of your app, and workflows
  2. describing what you’re trying to accomplish with this plugin
  3. the exact steps to reproduce the issue
  4. console logs in case of errors
  5. browser version and OS you’re using to develop your app

This way, we can get a better troubleshooting and see whether it is a plugin related issue or not, then provide a feedback with working solutions asap!


It does not read the second Text

Hi @sdbender22,

Unfortunately, this one doesn’t seem to be a plugin of ours. It has been published by a different author. You are able to locate the author within Plugins Tab, scroll down to find its name. I can suggest you contacting their support team.

Perhaps adding a pause before next action can help, between step 7 and 8. However, you can search for more help here https://forum.bubble.io/

Or check the following threads that can be useful:

Thank you for understanding.

Sorry I wasn’t paying attention

Wait it was built by you here

Hi @sdbender22,

Thanks for feedback. Sorry but this is not a plugin of ours. Our company is called Zeroqode and you can see that this one has been developed by a different author called Anticode:

But no worries, you can find and contact them here https://bubble.io/contributor/anticode-1544466062617x343826007283611260 so they could help you.

Thanks for understanding. :pray:

Okay Somehow how I got on this form site I could have sworn I was on Anticodes site/forms. Sorry