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The field is missing for Gigster templates....!

Hello there!

I just uploaded the Gigster template to Bubble editor and immediately I found 3 issues. I know I have to key in my Stripe key. But “create a message” workflow should be already build, right? I have attached the screenshot below. I appreciate someone can give me an explanation about it. Thanks and cheers!

Hello there @Samantha,

We have checked your issue, so on you have to delete the workflows with the pink colors, this is duplication of send message functionality.

Thank you for reaching out,

I just recently purchased the Gigster template and noticed the message issue/errors as well. Here is a screenshot of what I have. Are you saying that I should just delete the pink boxes and I should be all set? Duplicated meaning that there are already functional message workflows in place?


Hello! Thanks for reaching us!
The colour red, pink in this workflow is actually not an indicator of an error, it is a custom colouring. Please take that into consideration.
Best regards, Vitalie.

Thank you for your reply. Please see the comment above from Nikita. He states “you have to delete the workflows with the pink colors, this is duplication of send message functionality.”

Which is correct. I’m familiar with changing the colors to separate the different workflow categories. How do I correct the error messages that I’m getting?

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Hello! Please make a screenshot of your issues so we can troubleshoot and help you.
Best regards,

Hello -

Here is an image of my issues below which are a total of 7 all related to the message/chat functionality in the Gigster template:

Thanks for following up this issue! I emailed them 2nd time regarding the chat message workflows but got no answer back in December 2019. So I think the bugs still remain. Hope to see the fix asap.

Hello @ericpannell !
We checked the template in bubble application and it was error-free. Please try to do a new application based on the gigster template. In case it is not possible, please inform us, so we can write to you about what modifications in workflows are necessary for you to get the latest improvements.