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The Waves Effect Does not fully Work

I cannot change the effect color nor the Text color for the waves. Wondered if there was a Solution to this issue. Its for the Click and Hover Effect Thank you in advance.

Hello @sdbender22. Thanks for reaching out.

You can change the text color by adding the Condition “when this element is hovered/clicked”. For the button element the condition looks like the following:

Concerning the Effect/Content Color functioning - I will discuss these features with my colleagues and get back to you asap.
(For some animations, the color-changing feature is not working, I need to investigate this moment).

Thank you for understanding :pray:

Okay Thank You Very much

Any new knews with the wave effects?


Apologies for such a delay, but our team is still working on the plugin improvements. I will inform you asap when the issue is resolved. :pray:



Thank you for your patience :pray:
We have tested different scenarios to figure out what can cause the problem with the color-changing effect. If you are using a lot of animated elements, some of them can not change the color. It is better to use 1 the same animation effect - then the color changing effect will work with no issue.

I hope this suggestion will be useful for you :slightly_smiling_face:

So your saying that you the plugin is broke and it cant be fixed and to use an Alternative???


Not really. We have fixed the Waves effect - it was not changing the color at all. Now you can use this effect and any other alongside the color changing feature, but with only one condition - use 1 animation type per page.

Please update your plugin to the latest version (Update description: fixed bug with customization effect color) to see the changes :pray: