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theCountable Reset counts using Workflow

Hi -

I have a forum with a button “save and clear”.

The workflow saves the thing and clears the inputs. However, the counter I have created (text field with count of text field characters) does not get reset even if the text is cleared.

Is there a way to clear the counts in the workflow?

Hi, @kyleharryjohnson!

Thanks for reaching out!

Your request is more related to the bubble functionality itself rather than to our products. However, I’ll try to help you out. Could you please share screenshots of the workflow and counter settings to understand better what you have already done and to replicate the steps you’ve done in order to find a solution?

Best, Julia.

Thanks for your quick response!

these are my counter settings

The only thing in my workflow is “Create a thing” and “reset inputs” (which clears the text from the text input, but doesn’t reset the counter).

Hi, @kyleharryjohnson!

I’m afraid this screenshot is not enough to understand better what is going on, but could you try to place the elements in the group and reset the group?


If this doesn’t help, then post a request to the https://forum.bubble.io/ where you can get a more info and help from the community.

Hope this helps!
Best, Julia