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Tinder App Connection to Facebook Plugin

I’m working through the Tinder App tutorial and I’m running into an issue with the FB API. It’s not letting me login. I’ve included my Bubble App URL in the “Valid OAuth Redirect URIs” and I’m using a Test User. Thanks for your help!

Hello @andrew1, Thank you for reaching out.

That error saying that you are not added all Valid OAuth Redirect URIs to the Facebook side. And trying to make login from … or … or … . Facebook doesn’t recognize them.

I see that you are using bubbleapp domain name, try to delete keys from test version. And add all links like
… To the Facebook side.


Try to add all Redirects URI’s like on screenshot.

Hope it will helps.

Looking forward to your reply.
Regards Zeroqode team

Adding the redirects and changing the settings per the screenshot worked great! Thanks for your quick response and help with this Pavel!