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Token Already Used Error- Stripe Marketplace

We get this error sometimes when completing a transaction but can’t seem to concretely find why it happens. What causes this re-used token error?

Hi @stayshure,

This error appears when you use the created token again. This is an app logic issue, unfortunately. Please try make sure that when you are at the start of your user-flow, go through the whole process with your debugger to check where it is keeping/saving the token and using it twice afterwards.

You can also check our extended demo for non SCA section, to see how it is set up, as guidance.

But if you still encounter the same trouble, could you please share a screencast and/or screenshots of your workflow steps, or even debugger on preview so we can see how you pass the data.


Yes, looks like we were double referencing it for new users. Our bad!

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