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Top and bottom bar colors in iOS app


I am wondering how the colours on top and on the bottom of the iOS screen can be changed…



Hi @floripaolo, thanks for your inquiry.

This could be done by using the Air Native plugin.
It has the action that changes the status bar background color:

  • Please disregard the “Android only” inscription, as the plugin works on iOS too.

Hope the provided reply helps.


I’m using the AirNative plugin, however I have different colours at the top and bottom of my app. I didn’t have an issue with just a webview, there was no ‘bottom bar’. Now there’s a white bar across the bottom. How can I fix this? Thanks.

Hi @david10,
Thank you for your message and sorry for the delayed reply. :pray:

We appreciate you using the Air Native plugin, may I know if your Bubble app was converted to a native app with Air Native service?

If yes, can you please tell me your app name to check the settings?

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you soon. :pray:

Hi Igor,

Yeah, I’ve had the app wrapped with AirNative. To be honest, I’ve changed the top and bottom bars to white to match the background so now everything looks a lot cleaner so it’s not an issue anymore.

However if there is an option to have different colours for the top and bottom bars, it would be good to know. The bubble app is Tulu Market, the wrapped app is called Tulu Merchant.




Thanks for your recent purchase and for your message.

Essentially, the colors at the top and bottom reflect the default theme of your device, whether it’s dark or light. If your app isn’t set to Full Screen within the details you’ve submitted, you’ll notice these Top and Bottom bands.

Utilizing the Air Native plugin allows you to modify the Top (Status Bar Color) when your app isn’t in Full-Screen mode. Here’s how you can make that adjustment using this plugin action:
Change StatusBar Background Color AirNative A

For further functionalities of the plugin, check out the demo editor page here:: Zeroqode-demo-29 | Bubble Editor

If you have any more inquiries related to our products, please don’t hesitate to ask. :pray:
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