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Transfering code into a new project

Dear All,
I need to transfer the code of the current website im working on into a new environment so that i can keep it live without interference from the collaboration programmers, id like to push any updates into the new environment when ever i need to however i dont want the programmers to have access to it as i dont want anyone to delete anything by mistake or play around with the code as it will be the live version, please let me know what is the best way to do so in bubble and if it is possible how will i go through with it step by step. thank you for your help.

Best Regards,
Omar Fakieh

Hi @omar1,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, Bubble doesn’t have functionality that could allow migration from a code-based application into Bubble editor. The only way I can envision the process of migration, is redeveloping all functionalities of your app in Bubble editor. If you have more Bubble related questions, please post your request here https://forum.bubble.io/.

Thank you for understanding. :pray: