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Transferring a complex google sheet for use in bubble - how to connect it and which specific plugin?

I am trying to use Google Sheets & Charts (Service) to operate a complex google sheet from within bubble. The google sheet I want to use has a lot of data and complex formulas to process the data. This plugin seems to be suitable for populating a google sheet from scratch but I don’t think I can import an existing google sheet. Is that correct? So I could import all the columns or rows via a CSV which would complex. Or should I use another plugin like Google Sheets + Offline? Would that one enable me to use and copy google sheets from within bubble?

Hi @ian1,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, it is not possible to import your CSV with our plugin, but you are able to import a CSV file into your Bubble database, and perhaps use all this data later on with our plugin to send it to your Google Sheets account.

It also depends on your project requirements, because there is a difference in terms of possibilities for a service account and a standard plugin. The Google Sheets & Charts (Service) can be used in case you have a single company account and you want your employees to connect to this account only. But Google Sheets + Offline is the standard one when your app users authorize with their own Google account.

You can check on their docs and demo editor to see all the available features.

Hope it helps.


Thanks Alex
I will continue using the Service version and try to import all the formulae and data via the CSV and saving each column at a time


For the Service version, in trying to populate the cells in the google sheet via bubble, I know I can fill in one cell at a time using write to cell and I could do that iteratively which could be automated but slow. I think I could also create a text using commas and inverted commas which did a whole row or column at a time. Is there a way of using repeating groups or lists to fill in the cells more easily? Ian

Hi @ian1,

Thanks for feedback. I’m afraid it is not possible to make it easier than that. We just checked on our plugin and it is not possible, unfortunately.


I have tried to use text using commas and inverted commas which did a whole row or column at a time using Write a column sheet, but I cannot get the syntax right. So if I try to write 3 cells using this function and want to put 3,4 and 5 into those cells, how do I write the text? I have tried 3,4,5 and 3, 4, 5 and β€œ3”,β€œ4”,β€œ5” and β€œ3”, β€œ4”, β€œ5” and [β€œ3”], [β€œ4”], [β€œ5”]. What is the correct syntax? Th

Hi @ian1,

Thanks for feedback. Please let us check on this usecase with our dev team and I’ll get back to you asap. :pray:


Hi @ian1,

So the problem with this syntax:

Is that you were trying to use special unicode β€œ and ” characters instead of the ASCII " ", which is the valid one.

You just need to pass your values the following way:

["3"], ["4"], ["5"] which is certainly different from [β€œ3”], [β€œ4”], [β€œ5”].