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Trouble with dataTable refresh

I am having difficulty getting my table to refresh after I make an edit to the database. If I refresh the page via the browser the Add Table process works and displays the new data. I made sure the Refresh Table is setup exactly the same as the Add Table but still no luck(See screenshots). For additional context my database source is through the bubble SQL connector to a maria DB. Any suggestions?


Hey, @gregg!

Thanks for reaching out!

Could you please make sure that you receive updated data from the database? For, example, place on the page a repeating group to display data that was received through the API after you have done editing in your database. Also, please clarify if you make a second API call to retrieve updated data when button Archive is clicked. I mean, between the actions Add Table and Refresh table is any additional API calls?

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Hi Julia,

  1. You are correct I am not getting an updated result from the DB.
    Im guessing bubble must caching be caching the results of the previous query and not actually executing the call?
  2. Yes, when the Archive button is click the status attribute is set either Active or Inactive depending on the current value of the attribute.

Any recommendation to get bubble to not cache results?

Thank you so much!

Found a solution here!
Just need to add extra parameter to the query to shove a timestamp into. That will force bubble to execute the query rather than relying on its cache.

Hey, @gregg!

I’m really glad to hear that you have found a solution with regards to not cache results! :slightly_smiling_face: And appreciate for sharing in this thread. :pray: Other users will definitely benefit.

Best, Julia.