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Trouble With Twillo Integration (Send Text Message Bubble)


Hey there,

I’ve followed all of the instructions and still getting the following error:

Raw error from Twilio - Send Text Message: {“code”: 20003, “detail”: “Your AccountSid or AuthToken was incorrect.”, “message”: “Authentication Error - No credentials provided”, “more_info”: “https://www.twilio.com/docs/errors/20003”, “status”: 401}

This was the base encode generated which I’ve put in the plugin as the authorization header - is there something that i’m missing?:

Also, I’ve added the account SID in the workflow.


Figured it out needs to be Basic in front - have another error but think i can figure that out - thanks!


Glad you found the way to fix it, if still in trouble let us know! :slight_smile:

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I’m getting the same error. How can we get it to work?
Thank you!!!


What do you mean by this?


@jlaufer1989 would you kindly share a screenshot of your twilio settings? it would save us time to help @heidy


Hi Thanks for the fast response. These are the settings on the workflow


But you also need to setup the authorization credentials in the plugin


This is how we set it up


In the authorization header you should write
Basic (then space, and then the secret key) so it would be something like this
Basic ASf2r2fWef2fgopjp5835nF


tried this and getting the same error.
Ae we doing anything else wrong?


It worked. Thank you!!!


I am also getting this error. I have updated the Authentication key to say “Basic” followed by the key. Here are some screenshots:

(more screenshots to follow in seperate posts as I can only post one image per post)

I just activated Twilio today, is it possible things just need a bit to get synced?






yes, try waiting a day or so, perhaps it’s not active yet, and also check their dashboard for any hints (maybe you are using development keys instead of live or didn’t get a from number etc.)


Hi, I am still having this issue. I am using the only Auth and SID codes I can find in Twilio.